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Join the Tiny House Village.

Are you looking to purchase a tiny house but don’t have anywhere to place it?

We will be setting up Tiny House Villages in various locations in Australia

which will enable you to downsize and live the tiny house dream.

Register your interest now.     Whitemark Property and Planning.

Express your Interest

Join the Tiny House Village at 520 Punt Rd, South Yarra.

A high profile location to exhibit your Tiny House products.

To discuss further please contact Whitemark Property and Planning.
Mobile: 0411 255 179


Here’s the plan…

We are working with local Council and Government to establish Tiny House Villages.

We are still a long way from having sites available for lease or purchase, but please register your details so that when we have sites established we know how to get in touch with you.

We are aiming for a range of sites in both urban and rural locations, right across Australia.

We also plan to set up a display site  for people to see the range of incredible tiny houses being made in Australia. In the meantime you can contact the manufacturers directly for further infomration on their products – all their links are under the “Our Villager” tab.

Tiny House Village

520 Punt Rd, South Yarra

Need More Details?

If you are interested in purchasing a tiny house or getting more information please fill in the contact form and we will keep you informed as things progress. If you want to talk to someone sooner please connect directly with the businesses you will find on the “Our Villagers” tab. Until we get regulatory approvals we will not be able to provide any further details on sites, but if you have registered with us  you will be the first to receive updates.

Contact Whitemark Property & Planning

This is an affordable way for manufacturers to get their product to market.

No wages, no outgoings and backed up by social media marketing – joining the Tiny House Village will get you noticed.

Contact Whitemark Property & Planning